Our client Bill, with His Holiness, the Dalai Lama

Stories from clients we have helped around the world.

Bill’s Story

There was the Nepali waiter twenty-five years ago who asked me about my hair transplant on my first date with a beautiful French woman when I lived in Nepal.

“Excuse me sir,” he said, “I see that you have a hair transplant. I was thinking of getting one. As you can see, “ he said while pointing to his head, “I am going bald and wonder how much does it cost?”

And there was the K-mart cashier from just five years ago who was ringing up my two sticks of deodorant, pack of Juicy Fruit and box of Q-tips when she said (loud enough for the other people in line to hear), “You gonna get anymore of those plugs?” There were three people in line behind me and I tried not to look at them as she continued talking, “because my boyfriend—he’s bald—and he was thinking about getting some plugs, but he’s got a nice round head, so he shaves it. So it looks good. So are you gonna get anymore?” I mumbled something, grabbed my bag and as I walked away she called to me, “Don’t you worry honey—you look fine anyway.”

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